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Price: $124.95
    SKU:  C-STR0687
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    C-STR687 Red Dot uprated rubber cone spring that will improve your Mini's handling without giving a harsher ride. This is due to re-profiling the cone to alter the spring rate. Fits front or rear. These are closer in profile to original Mk1/Mk2 rubber cones than the current standard replacements, which were redesigned to suit 12" wheel cars.  Reccomended to be used with Hi-Los, as they will increase ride height. 

    If using these on 10" wheels with Hilos cut 3/4" off the end of the center threaded bolt of the old type Hilo (with a circlip) as it will bottom out on the cone spring face and the car will sit high.  For extremely lowered cars the hilo face will also need machining a few mm

    Sold each, four (4) required per car.

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