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Bolting on high-lift rockers can give Mini engines much greater top-end power. 1.5 ratio rockers open the valves faster and further, while maintaining the same duration. The roller tip over the valve greatly reduces wear due to side loads. Uses replaceable standard rocker bushings on the shaft. Recommended for 1275cc and larger engines. Kit includes machined aluminum rockers, adjuster hardware, steel pedestals, and heavy-duty shaft. Spacers or springs available separately. Rocker color may vary with different manufacturers, depending on availablility. On engines with flanged head stud nuts, replace the stock nuts with 6-point FOR067 nuts on the four pedestals to avoid interference.

All high lift rocker installations require checking these clearances: Pedestal hardware to rocker, pushrod to adjuster pocket and to cylinder head bore, valve spring coil-binding, valve-to-piston top at full lift with your cam.

These rockers may not clear aluminum valve covers. Check for clearance and remedy if necessary.  Not recommended for competition use.

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