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    In Stock

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    Heavy duty 13-row oil cooler with standard, 1/2” BSP fittings, made by in the UK by Mocal. Quality black finish.

    MOCAL oil coolers have earned a reputation for being tough, lightweight, and highly efficient, making them the obvious choice for high-performance and motor racing applications. Cooler construction utilizes a variable number of pressed plates forming oil-ways; these contain "turbulators" to break down boundary layer effects in the oil flow oil cooler to allow for maximum heat dissipation without undue pressure build-up. Oil-ways are interspaced with corrugated airway passages between the plates; these airway corrugations are also louvered to optimize heat transfer. The entire oil cooler is made from aluminum alloy braised into a one-piece unit, and each is tested by water immersion to a pressure of 170 p.s.i. Sample coolers are put through even more exhaustive testing to ensure their stability under all conditions.

    Now with Mocal-stamped top plate to distinguish it from other manufacturers.

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