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    11/8/2017 2:00:00 AM 9.9500
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    A unique suspension component found on classic Minis is the knuckle joint that transmits movement of the suspension arms into the springs. This metal pin has a pivot ball covered by a nylon cup which is protected by a rubber boot. The cup pivots as the suspension moves through its travel, and this component takes a lot of load. It is always advisable to replace them as part of a full suspension rebuild. This is a good quality aftermarket product, which includes the nylon cup. 

    Please read application notes:
    As used on the fronts of all Mini variants to 1984 and rear or all cars. Starting in 1984 when 8.4” discs brakes and 12” wheels were added to all models, the front ride height was raised slightly to accommodate the bigger tire diameter. A small spacer was used. However, these often get left out after suspension work by accident or neglect, resulting in mismatched heights from side to side. To help prevent this, starting in 1990, the factory went to the GSV1264 knuckle joint that had the spacer built-in to avoid loss. If fitting replacement front joints to later cars (1984-on) in pairs, and you want to maintain the factory-specified ride height, always order two (2) GSV1264s. If working on one side only, you should inspect the other side to determine if the knuckle joint has the spacer fitted, and order accordingly.

    If you already have and will refit the earlier knuckle joint without spacer to a later car, it can be built up to correct ride height by adding 21A1845 spacer.

    Rears of all cars used the GSV1118 joint without the spacer, but sometimes the spacers are used for clearance when wide tires are used, to clear wheel arch flares, etc.

    11/8/2017 2:00:00 AM 9.9500
    In Stock

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