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Front Hub Ball Bearing, OEM
  • Condition: new
  • Sold -999
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • DOT-approved False
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    Genuine RHP UK-made front hub ball bearing in Unipart packaging, sold each. Typically, ball bearings are found in drum brake front swivel hubs.  They were originally a quality RHP bearing when fitted by the factory. 

    Some racers prefer to use the ball bearings in the front hubs of disc brake cars, since there is less heat transference and the friction is less than taper rollers.  Racers keep a close watch on all the suspension components during the season, so they can be checked often for signs of wear.  This conversion is not recommended for road-going cars.

    These days, there are no RHP or other name-brand ball bearing sets available for front hubs, only "offshore" imported sets.  However, we can supply these individual bearings.  They should be used in conjunction with 21A233 spacer, which is installed between the bearings.  These are now obsolete, so price will increase as old stocks become increasingly hard to find.

    In Stock

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