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    Years of development have resulted in what is possibly the best over-the-counter race head in this price range. Modifications have been made to deliver real world HP. This is done not by giving more "peak flow" than others, but with better mid-lift flow throughout the curve and superior exhaust port performance. Additional valve throat and port modifications compared to "Sport" head specs.

    SuperSport head features:

    • Shimming springs to precise installed heights A+ valve seals
    • 3 surfaces of casting machined
    • Stud holes countersunk
    • All holes cleaned
    • All threads chased
    • Rust-proofing on machined surfaces
    • 21cc chambers
    • 4 angle inlet seat
    • 3 angle exhaust seat.
    • Inlet Valves: 35.7mm(1.401") diameter, plasma-nitrided, EN214 stainless steel.
    • Exhaust Valves: 31.0mm(1.22") diameter, plasma-nitrided, EN214N stainless steel.
    • Valve Guides: Magnesium bronze.
    • Valve Springs: Nominal 240lb. at 0.500" valve lift.
    • Stem Seals: Latest 'top-hat' design with tensioner springs.
    • Chamber Volume : Nominal 21cc.

    Modified to give maximum performance gain for cost. Combustion chambers, inlet and exhaust ports extensively re-worked. Smoothed finish in ports - not mirror-finish polished - to minimise intake charge drag. Multi-angle valve seats in head. Early Cooper S size valves with current maximum flow profiles and plasma-nitrided for durability/longevity particularly when used with unleaded fuel. Combustion chamber volume used to give slight static compression ratio increase over standard. Head mods employed greatly increase volumetric efficiency, boosting actual running (dynamic) compression ratio. Where much sportier cam profiles are used, a higher compression ratio is advised to achieve maximum power potential. Contact us for additional application details or questions.

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