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    Mk1 Minis with Deluxe or Cooper trim levels had bumpers with vertical overriders and horizontal trim bars, also called handle bars. This kit contains the parts to install the overriders to the bumper and the trim bars to the overriders; includes fasteners, spacers, bumper plates, and rubber overrider seating strip. It does not include bumpers.  If you have undrilled bumpers, they will need drilling at the ends to install the orizontal trim bars that are part of this kit.

    If you require a comprehensive Deluxe bumper conversion kit that includes overriders, horizontal trim bars and all installation hardware, less bumpers, see MSSK025.

    If you want to install only vertical overriders and no horizontal trim bars, you need the Mk2 kit, which is MSSK011.  Since the horizontal bars are not used with this version, the bumper does not need to be drilled, so installation is easier. MSSK011 is the fitting hardware only, the vertical overriders will need to be purchased separately. See 14A8738 for the vertical overriders.

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