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    This Austin Mini has documented race history to 1972, when it was issued the 13th log book in the Philadelphia Region of the SCCA. The paperwork indicates that it started as a 1967 Mini, but as frequently happens, at some point in time it was re-shelled with a lightweight 1960 body shell. It was restored as a vintage race car in 1993, when it competed in the Sprite/Mini Challenge at Mid Ohio, and other Midwest events. Last was raced in SVRA's Sonoma Classic in June 2016, this is a safe, reliable and fun car to drive.

    Documentaion includes:

    • A photocopy of the 1972 GCR
    • FIA / RAC homologation papers
    • Race results
    • A hardcopy of the 1980 SCCA GT Specs from the last time it raced in SCCA
    • Original SCCA logbook

    Currently prepared to SVRA rules, including:

    • FIA Seat and mount
    • Current FIA belts
    • Period correct and legal 1275 +020 engine w/ 13:1 compression ratio, built with new forged crankshaft, Mini Miglia camshaft
    • Period correct and legal straight cut, close ratio transmission with Salisbury limited slip
    • 45 DCOE Weber on correct Warneford manifold
    • Cooper S front disc brakes with aluminum rear drums
    • Stewart Warner instrumentation
    • Wrapped 3 into 1 header, Flowmaster muffler
    • ATL Fuel cell
    • Fire system
    • MSD ignition mounted discreetly under the dash with assortment of rev limiter chips
    • Removable all-steel front end
    • Plexiglass quarter windows and backlight

    Spares include assembled axles with CV joints, alternate final drive ratios, spare wheels w/ mounted Hoosiers, starter, gaskets, belts, throttle cable, etc.

    To be sold with bill of sale only; there is no title for this vehicle.

    Email sales@7ent.com for further details and photos.