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1380 Power Unit, High-Torque, 3.1 FD
  • 1380 Power Unit, High-Torque, 3.1 FD
  • FOR1380HT
  • Condition: refurbished
  • Sold -999
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • DOT-approved False
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Price: $6,995.00
    SKU:  FOR1380HT
    Availability: Special Order - Call for Details
    10/19/2018 12:00:00 AM
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    For those of you who want more power, but without the peakiness of a high performance package, we offer a Big Bore, high-torque 1380cc power unit. Includes all the features of our 1275cc standard engine, but bored out to 1380cc and fitted with a 3.1 final drive.

    • A rebuilt A+ power unit. The block is stripped, oil galley and core plugs removed. The block is then cleaned, hot tanked, glass beaded and checked, line bore checked, and bored to 1380cc. The block is then surfaced; oil galley and core plugs replaced, and painted.
    • The crank is magnafluxed, reground or polished as required, connnecting rods re-sized, and the one-piece flywheel is reconditioned.
    • New parts include quality gasket sets, pistons, bearings, timing chain & tensioner, cam and lifters, and clutch.
    • The engine is fully balanced.
    • The cylinder head is skimmed and rebuilt using new guides, unleaded seats, and exhaust valves; three-angle valve job; painted.
    • The rod change transmission is rebuilt, fitted with a 3.1 final drive and painted.
    • The power unit is then test run and carefully checked.

    Will deliver excellent torque and acceleration right off the line, with smooth idle.

    Sold outright, no core charge. Carb, exhaust, cooling, ignition and charging systems not included. Please inquire. $1000 pre-payment required at time of order, with the balance to be paid before shipping.

    Click Here to find out more about the Seven Enterprises engine rebuild process!

    10/19/2018 12:00:00 AM