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Windage Tray Installation


Installation of Fortech Racing Windage Tray
(4 synchro boxes only)

  1. Install with rear edge flush with or slightly (1/16 inch) below gearbox flange.
  2. Mark, drill and tap #10-24 in three places (rears first). Use #10-24 button head screws and Loctite (red) in position.
  3. If necessary, shorten bolt for oil pickup to prevent contact with tray. Some minor trimming may be required to clear central-type oil pickup pipes.
  4. Check for con-rod clearance on engines (1275s) using large America rods. Also, 1st gear may rub tray in area marked X in the diagram below.

These windage trays recoup lost power for a free revving engine through less internal oil drag on the crank. Depending on the state of tune of the engine, power increases have been shown to be in the region of 4 BHP.

Windage tray installation

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