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Q&A: Do All Classic Minis Use the Same Wheel Bearings?


Posted on 8th August 2012


from Mike Kearney
Seven’s Service Shop Manager

Yes and no. Minis built from 1959-1962 used a unique ball bearing with a 30mm I.D. on the front, and ball bearings on the rear, too. In 1963 the front bearing size changed but then remained the same until the end of production in 2000. The same size rear bearing was used throughout production of the Classic Mini.

As Cooper S disc brakes came into use, the switch was made to tapered roller bearings front and rear. So, if your Mini has front drum brakes, odds are good it has ball bearings, and if you have front disc brakes you have tapered roller bearings.

Because the bearing dimensions did not change, from 1963-on, the tapered wheel bearings can be interchanged with the ball bearings. In fact, rear ball bearings have been discontinued, so the only bearing available for the rear wheel is the taper roller type.

[ed: Jack Holdaway]

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