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Article: About Triplex Windshields

With thanks to Triplex for providing the information below!

Triplex tinted windscreen
Triplex tinted windscreen

The Triplex factory is perhaps the last specialized facility where each windshield is made and finished by hand using old production practices. There is no significant automation in this factory.

The staff are in general all senior in experience, and the factory uses original manufacturing jigs for many hundreds of rare and unusual cars and commercial vehicles to make screens in quantities of one or more at a time. So, if they have a tool to make a 1950’s Aston Martin, or 1960’s Ferrari screen they can make you just one, or more if a club or manufacturer commissions a production run.

They also produce modern vehicle limited-production vehicle screens where the volume will never be enough to make them viable on a fully-automated machine in a production-line factory.

Triplex finishes all their screens in the same way they did in the 1950-60’s. That is, they have an expert man who uses a hand-held diamond-edged cutting machine who trims each screen edge against the screen production forming tool. This is a process which he has been doing for years, but the nature of such a job is that it can never provide an edge finish that a production line/CNC machine can create. Triplex is aware of this, and their quality control allows for the fact that some rough edges of a minor nature are acceptable, and are within their approved visual appearance tolerances. They do not offer to provide screens with perfect edges 100% of the time, although most of them they send are very good. Thus, the nature of the product they supply is to a 1960’s edge quality and appearance.

On handmade screens, such as these, you may find an occasional edge with a slightly rough feel. The size and overall condition will be fine, and the screens are all ready to install. Any minor imperfections will be within the screen rubber depth, and not in any way visible to an owner in use.

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