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Corbeau Seats and Seatbelts

We ship all Corbeau seats and seatbelts directly from the Corbeau warehouse. All seats are custom ordered and take approximately two (2) weeks to arrive.

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Seat Belt, Corbeau, 2" Harness, 3-Point
Price: $85.00
Item #: CBH2-3PT -

    Corbeau 2" harness belts are available in both 3-point and 4-point styles along with either a bolt-in or snap-in mounting option.

    Seat Belt, Corbeau, 2" Harness, 3-point double release
    Price: $95.00
    Item #: CBH2-DR -

      Corbeau 2 Inch Double Release Harness Belts are unique in that they have a disconnect feature between the front shoulder straps and the rear tail strap.

      Seat Belt, Corbeau, 2" Harness, 3-Point Retractable
      Price: $109.00
      Item #: CBH2-RET -

        Corbeau 2" Harness Belts provide drivers with the latest in technology, design and safety, available in a wide variety of colors, options and accessories.

        Seat Belt, Corbeau, 2" Harness, 4-Point
        Price: $85.00
        Item #: CBH2-4PT -

          Corbeau 2" Harness Belts have the rare ability to be bolted to all your factory provided mounting points. What that means is all the hardware was manufactured to bolt right up to your factory bolt holes.

          Seat Belt, Corbeau, 3" Competition Harness, 5-Point - latch & link shown
          Price: $99.00-$149.00
          Item #: CBH3-5PT -

            The 5-Point Harness Belt features both state of the art Camlock or Latch & Link quick release technology, coupled with lightweight pull down length adjusters.