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Manifold Gasket, Competition
Price: $7.95
Item #: SIE0039 -

    A thicker intake/exhaust gasket with large inlet and exhaust port cutouts for use with modified cylinder heads and/or headers.

    Manifold Gasket, Improved
    Price: $10.95
    Item #: GUG704053MG -

      Metal-faced manifold gasket, as used on all fuel injected SPi (single-point injection) and MPi (multi-point injection) Minis.

      Manifold Gasket, Standard
      Retail: $3.50
      Price: $2.80
      Item #: GUG37MG -

        Stock gasket between the intake and exhaust manifold and the cylinder head. Use SIE0039 for modified heads and GUG704053MG for injected cars.

        Manifold Nut, Brass
        Price: $0.85
        5/19/2017 12:00:00 AM .95
        Item #: GHF0261 -

          Made from brass for heat and corrosion resistance, these nuts are intended specifically for this application. See also 51K1177 long nuts. Sold each.

          Manifold Nut, Brass, Long
          Price: $2.95
          Item #: 51K1177 -

            Brass nut is about 1" long for easier tool access in the congested area of the carbs, intake and exhaust. Made from brass for heat resistance and

            Manifold Stud & Hardware Kit, stainless steel
            Price: $39.95
            Item #: SEN0455E -

              A complete stainless steel stud and hardware set for the manifold face of your cylinder head. This is the standard grade product for when the high-spec ARP product is

              Manifold Stud
              Price: $1.65
              Item #: 53K0487 -

                Stock replacement stud for intake and exhaust manifold. Use six (6) per head. See also 53K0487SS for individual stainless studs or SEN0455 for ARP stainless set with nuts. See also GHF0261

                Manifold Stud Set, 7 Port Aluminum Heads
                Price: $14.95
                Item #: G1423SM -

                  Set of four (4) studs, nuts and washers to fit the exhaust side of the aluminum crossflow head. These have deeper thread engagement into the head that the one that is fitted to the head originally.

                  Manifold Stud, cylinder head, stainless
                  Price: $3.75
                  Item #: 53K0487SS -

                    Nice stainless studs for the cylinder head to accept the manifolds. Sold each. See also GHF0261 and 51K1177 brass nuts to complete the job with fresh hardware.

                    Manifold Washer, Thick
                    Price: $1.00
                    Item #: 12A1211 -

                      Thick steel washers locate the intake and exhaust manifolds properly once attached to the head. Use 4 per car.

                      MAP Sensor, MPi
                      Retail: $219.00
                      Sale: $184.29
                      Item #: MHK100600 -

                        Sensor in the inlet manifold of MPi Mini. Feeds manifold pressure information to the ECU (electronic control unit).

                        Mount, Remote Shift Extension, Aftermarket
                        Price: $9.95
                        Item #: 21A0956E -

                          For budget-minded repairs, we offer an aftermarket product to keep the cost down. Use with bracket 21A0745.

                          Mounting Bolt Pad, lower, 1976-on, rubber
                          Price: $9.95
                          11/3/2017 12:00:00 AM 12.95
                          Item #: 21A2598 -

                            This is the rubber pad between the top of the subframe tower and the firewall box section. It helps reduce noise and vibration transmission into the body and was one

                            Mounting Bracket, Engine & Radiator, 850-998, Used
                            Retail: $74.95
                            Sale: $71.96
                            Item #: 22A30-USED -

                              Metal bracket on the end of the gearbox that carries the engine mount and also the radiator support mount. For early 850 & 998 with pressed-steel pulley. Used.

                              Mounting Bracket, Engine & Radiator, Used
                              Price: $55.00
                              Item #: 12A361-USED -

                                Metal bracket on the end of the gearbox that carries the engine mount and also the radiator support mount. Used only.

                                Nut, ARP 12 Point,  5/16-24
                                Price: $2.95
                                Item #: N51624 -

                                  High strength nut for use on forged rockers, rocker pedestals or exhaust manifold. Sold each.

                                  Nut, Cylinder Head Stud, 12 Point
                                  Retail: $1.95
                                  Sale: $1.64
                                  Item #: FOR068 -

                                    High tensile strength nut for cylinder head stud. 12 point.

                                    Nut, Cylinder Head, ARP, 12 point
                                    Price: $3.50
                                    Item #: N3824 -

                                      High-strength 12-point nut for cylinder head nut, made by ARP. Included in SEN0409 and SEN0411 kits.

                                      O-Ring, Block to Transmission
                                      Price: $1.49
                                      Item #: TRS1317 -

                                        O-ring fits in a machined recess on the top of the gearbox to seal oil coming up from the sump to the oil pump. You'll get no oil pressure if this is missing!

                                        O-Ring, Distributor
                                        Price: $1.50
                                        Item #: 188639 -

                                          O-ring installs on lower section of distributor.

                                          O-ring, Distributor Retainer
                                          Price: $1.95
                                          Item #: 13H2792 -

                                            Pre-A+ engines used a distributor retainer, and this o-ring installs around it.

                                            Oil Cooler Cover
                                            Retail: $22.95
                                            Sale: $21.35
                                            Item #: C-STR0157 -

                                              This vintage accessory is a must for cool weather driving. It simply snaps onto your oil cooler, helping maintain optimum operating temperature during cold weather.

                                              Oil Cooler Hose Fitting, 11/16 UNF
                                              Price: $17.95
                                              Item #: SCO0008 -

                                                Male-male fitting to fit late LPX10026 spin-on oil filter head for oil cooler conversion. The section that screws into the filter head is 11/16" UNF and the outer threads

                                                Oil Cooler Hose Kit, Braided Stainless, Early Cars
                                                Price: $68.95
                                                10/2/2017 12:00:00 AM 87.9500
                                                Item #: SCO0005 -

                                                  This kit is designed for Minis before the pre-engaged starter was fitted. Hoses are specially made to have female BSP fittings. Stainless braided hose resists swelling and offers longest life.

                                                  Oil Cooler Hose Kit, extra length
                                                  Price: $74.95
                                                  7/27/2017 12:00:00 AM 84.9500
                                                  Item #: SCO0079 -

                                                    An extra-long set of oil cooler hoses for Clubman installations or race Minis where the cooler has been relocated. Stainless braided to prevent swelling under extreme conditions. Hoses are 14"

                                                    Oil Cooler Hose Kit, rubber, early cars
                                                    Price: $75.00
                                                    Item #: SCO0002 -

                                                      This kit is designed for Minis before the pre-engaged starter was fitted. Our hoses are specially made to have female BSP fittings at both ends, and therefore are most like the original hoses for more accurate restoration.

                                                      Oil Cooler Hose Kit, rubber, extra length
                                                      Price: $64.95
                                                      Item #: SCO0078 -

                                                        Set of rubber oil cooler hoses in extra length to suit Clubman Minis, but also readily adapted to race cars where the cooler has been relocated. Hoses 14.5" and 24".

                                                        Oil Cooler Hose Kit, Rubber, to 1992, w/ pre-Engaged Starter
                                                        Retail: $62.50
                                                        Sale: $34.48
                                                        Item #: SCO0087 -

                                                          A rubber hose fit for Minis with pre-engaged starters and a 5/8" UNF block fitting. Hose lengths are 15" and 22". The extra hose length allows some repositioning to clear

                                                          Oil Cooler Hose Kit, stainless-braided, 1992-on
                                                          Retail: $109.95
                                                          Sale: $92.53
                                                          Item #: SCO0019 -

                                                            Stainless-braided hose offers the maximum protection from swelling, weakening and bursting. All Minis benefit from a 13-row cooler upgrade. This hose kit fits pre-engaged starter-equipped cars after 1992 using the

                                                            Oil Cooler Hose Kit, stainless-braided, pre-engaged starter
                                                            Retail: $98.95
                                                            Sale: $89.94
                                                            Item #: SCO0018 -

                                                              Stainless-braided hose offers the maximum protection from swelling, weakening and bursting. All Minis benefit from a 13-row cooler upgrade. This hose kit fits pre-engaged starter cars up to 1992 using

                                                              Oil Cooler, 10-Row
                                                              Price: $109.95
                                                              Item #: SCO0086 -

                                                                Sometimes the popular 13-row oil cooler offers too much cooling or is too large for the available space in the grille opening. This 10-row cooler may be just right. Accepts

                                                                Oil Cooler, 13-Row
                                                                Price: $108.95
                                                                Item #: ARA0221 -

                                                                  An oil cooler will help keep your engine running cooler. The 13-row cooler was stock on 1275 Cooper S cars and is recommended for street applications on any Mini.

                                                                  Oil Cooler, 13-Row, AN fittings
                                                                  Price: $179.95
                                                                  6/5/2018 12:00:00 AM 198.9500
                                                                  Item #: C-ARH221AN -

                                                                    Experienced racers know the key to unimpeded oil flow is to have no restrictions at any point. We offer this 13-row cooler with -10AN fittings for plumbing in large-diameter oil cooler hoses.

                                                                    Oil Cooler, 16-Row
                                                                    Retail: $179.95
                                                                    Sale: $170.06
                                                                    Item #: SCO0003 -

                                                                      An oil cooler will help keep your engine running cooler. A 13-row cooler was standard on the Cooper S; this 16-row cooler is recommended for race/performance applications. UK-made, with standard

                                                                      Oil Drain Plug
                                                                      Price: $15.95
                                                                      Item #: DAM7335 -

                                                                        Standard replacement oil drain plug. The oil in the A-series engine circulates through the gearbox as well as the motor. The magnet on the end of the Mini's drain plug

                                                                        Oil Drain Plug, Magnetic, Extra-Length
                                                                        Price: $18.95
                                                                        Item #: STF0015 -

                                                                          This extended-length drain plug is superior for this task in that it puts the magnet at the point where the oil is scavenged, not over in the corner like the stock plug.

                                                                          Oil Drain Plug, Self Tapping Oversized
                                                                          Price: $26.95
                                                                          Item #: STF0114 -

                                                                            Self-tapping, oversized drain plug, to be used when the threads have become damaged or stripped. Tapered fitting, which seals on the threads, as opposed to being sealed with a washer.

                                                                            Oil Drain Plug, Stainless, High-Strength Magnetic
                                                                            Price: $29.95
                                                                            9/14/2018 12:00:00 AM 32.9500
                                                                            Item #: STF0113 -

                                                                              Stainless steel oil drain plug, with high-strength neodymium magnet to capture ferrous material suspended in the oil. Includes sealing washer.

                                                                              Oil Filler Cap, No Leak Billet
                                                                              Retail: $99.95
                                                                              Sale: $89.97
                                                                              Item #: FOR168 -

                                                                                Features a positive ratcheting grip system to ensure that it fits tightly and stays in place, plus a large o-ring to fit against the rocker cover spout and seal the oil in.

                                                                                Oil Filler Cap, Chrome, for Aluminum Valve Covers
                                                                                Retail: $11.95
                                                                                Sale: $9.97
                                                                                4/2/2018 12:00:00 AM 12.5000
                                                                                Item #: SAC0135 -

                                                                                  Chrome vented cap to fit SAC0001/FP26 valve cover, and also FP26-Red/Blue covers.

                                                                                  Oil Filler Cap, fits SAC0016
                                                                                  Price: $7.95
                                                                                  Item #: SAC0137 -

                                                                                    Replacement chrome cap for SAC0016 chrome metal rocker cover.

                                                                                    Unvented Oil Filler Cap
                                                                                    Price: $9.95
                                                                                    Item #: 12A0402 -

                                                                                      Black plastic oil filler cap without vent.

                                                                                      Oil Filler Cap, Vented
                                                                                      Price: $9.95
                                                                                      Item #: GFE6003 -

                                                                                        Oil filler cap, vented, with strap. Fits all Minis.

                                                                                        Oil Filler Cap, Vented, Improved
                                                                                        Price: $13.95
                                                                                        5/31/2017 12:00:00 AM 16.9500
                                                                                        Item #: GFE6007 -

                                                                                          This vented plastic filler cap was used on aluminum finned rocker covers as supplied on certain Mini models. It fits the current version of the SAC0001 / FP26 cover,

                                                                                          Oil Filter Element, Paper
                                                                                          Price: $9.95
                                                                                          Item #: GFE0103 -

                                                                                            Original specification Minis are still found with the early canister oil filter arrangement. This filter has a paper element. If originality is not an objective, you may want to consider

                                                                                            Oil Filter Union, MPi
                                                                                            Retail: $12.95
                                                                                            Sale: $12.13
                                                                                            Item #: CAM5331 -

                                                                                              Block-to-filter union that the oil filter screws on to for 1997-on MPi Minis.

                                                                                              Oil Filter, Austin America Automatic
                                                                                              Price: $29.95
                                                                                              Item #: GFE0122 -

                                                                                                Special canister filter element for the America with automatic transmission.

                                                                                                Oil Filter, Spin On, for MPi Cooler Adapter Kit
                                                                                                Price: $9.95
                                                                                                Item #: GFE9999 -

                                                                                                  Special "shorty" spin-on oil filter, approx. 2" tall x 3" diameter. Fits only fuel-injected MPi Minis that have had the MPi oil cooler conversion kit SCO0089 installed.