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Brake Pad Cotter Pin Set, 8.4" Brakes
Price: $3.95
Item #: GBK1010 -

    Set of four (4) long retaining pins to secure the pads in all Minis with 8.4" brakes or alloy calipers. Pins are not included with brake pad sets. Use PS610240

    Brake Pad Cotter Pin, 7.5" Brakes
    Price: $0.99
    Item #: PS610240 -

      Brake pad retaining pin for 7" Mini Cooper or 7.5" Mini Cooper S brakes. Sold each.

      Brake Pad Cotter Pin, Vented Rotors
      Price: $0.95
      Item #: PS610242 -

        Correct brake pad cotter pin for use on Minis equipped with vented rotors. Sold each.

        Brake Pad Retainer Spring, 8.4" Brakes
        Price: $3.95
        Item #: 17H7963 -

          Retainer spring for 8.4" disc brake pads. One (1) required per wheel; sold each.

          Brake Pad Set, 4-pot Calipers, Mintex Street
          Price: $32.95
          Item #: GBP0258M -

            Mintex is the recommended performance supplier in the U.K., and their brake pads are to OEM specs. Now asbestos-free for safety with reliable performance. Standard road material. Sold per set

            Brake Pad Set, Austin America
            Price: $39.95
            Item #: GBP0106 -

              Standard brake pads for the Mini's larger cousin, the Austin America. Available by popular demand.

              Brake Pads, 4 Pot Caliper, Green Stuff
              Price: $89.95
              7/3/2018 12:00:00 AM 109.95
              Item #: C-8G8994KEVLAR -

                Brake pad set for 4-pot aluminum or cast iron Metro calipers in popular EBC Green Stuff material.

                Brake Pads, 4-pot caliper, Black Stuff (GBP258KEVLAR) Brake Pads, 4-pot caliper, Black Stuff (GBP258KEVLAR)
                Retail: $52.95
                Sale: $46.07
                Item #: GBP258KEVLAR -

                  EBC Ultimax Black Stuff pads are the first step up from road pads. For original and aftermarket 4-piston caliper conversions.

                  Brake Pads, 4-pot caliper, Mintex M1144, High Performance
                  Price: $129.95
                  4/3/2018 12:00:00 AM 139.9500
                  Item #: C-8G8994 -

                    Mintex C-Tech brake pads are produced from advanced friction materials. The M1144 compound is formulated for Fast Road, Autocross, and Light Circuit use, and gives the driver a confident

                    Brake Pads, 8.4" rotor, EBC Black Stuff
                    Price: $35.95
                    Item #: GBP281KEVLAR -

                      EBC's low-dust Kevlar compound for use on 8.4" discs. The Black Stuff material is the first upgrade for street performance use. Set of four.

                      Brake Pads, 8.4" rotor, Green Stuff
                      Price: $58.95
                      Item #: GBP281GREEN -

                        EBC brakes use Dupont Kevlar for the "Green Stuff" friction material. Great stopping, minimal dust and superior fade resistance. Ideal for hard street to autocross applications. Sold per set.

                        Brake Pads, 8.4" rotor, Mintex, street-use
                        Price: $24.95
                        6/6/2018 12:00:00 AM 27.9500
                        Item #: GBP0281M -

                          Set of four (4) brake pads for 8.4" solid rotor brakes. Standard road material, now asbestos-free for safety, with reliable performance. Made by Mintex.

                          Brake Pads, 8.4", Mintex M1144, Race
                          Retail: $77.95
                          Sale: $73.02
                          8/10/2017 12:00:00 AM 84.9500
                          Item #: C-AHT0016 -

                            Mintex M1144 compound is the most commonly used competition replacement for asbestos-containing DS11. Excellent fade resistance and stopping power. Use GBK1010 retaining pin set or GBK1026 clip/pin set. Fits also

                            Brake Pads, 8.4", OEM
                            Price: $24.95
                            4/3/2018 12:00:00 AM 29.9500
                            Item #: GBP0307AF -

                              Unipart/Lockheed pads for 8.4" front discs for Minis 1980-on. Set of four.

                              Brake Pads, 998 Cooper, EBC GreenStuff
                              Retail: $59.95
                              Sale: $56.16
                              Item #: C-AHT223KEVLAR -

                                For 7.0" 998 Cooper disc brakes only. Modestly priced heavy-duty road performance EBC Kevlar Green Stuff Roadsport material.

                                Brake Pads, 998 Cooper, EBC Ultimax
                                Price: $32.95
                                Item #: GBP0102BLACK -

                                  These EBC Ultimax brake pads are a modern option for the 998 Mini Cooper. They are made in the U.K., of Dupont Aramid fiber. Slotted and chamfered for low noise.

                                  Brake Pads, 998 Cooper, Mintex M1144
                                  Retail: $94.95
                                  Sale: $67.28
                                  Item #: C-AHT0223 -

                                    Mintex C-TECH brake pads are produced from advanced friction materials, formulated to meet the exacting standards. The M1144 compond is designed for Fast Road, Light Circuit and Rally use. Operating

                                    Brake Pads, Cooper S, Black Stuff
                                    Price: $29.95
                                    7/11/2017 12:00:00 AM 44.9500
                                    Item #: SBR0063 -

                                      EBC Ultimax heavy duty brake pads would be considered the first upgrade for any Mini fitted with Cooper S 7.5" brakes. This "Black Stuff" compound has a special coating for

                                      Brake Pads, Cooper S, Competition
                                      Price: $159.95
                                      Item #: C-8G8993A -

                                        Brake pad set for Cooper S 7.5" brakes. Carbon Metallic material. Suitable for full-race applications only.

                                        Brake Pads, Cooper S, Green Stuff
                                        Price: $69.95
                                        Item #: GBP103GREEN -

                                          EBC Kevlar brake pads for 7.5" Cooper S disc brakes. Excellent for fast road use or Autocross. Good initial bite and low dust.

                                          Brake Pads, Cooper S, Mintex Racing, M1144
                                          Retail: $99.95
                                          Sale: $87.08
                                          Item #: C-8G8995 -

                                            Race pads from Mintex Racing, C-Tech M1144 compound. For 7.5" front discs. Set of four.

                                            Brake Pads, Cooper S, Mintex Street
                                            Price: $34.95
                                            Item #: GBP0103M -

                                              OEM-spec brake pads for any Mini equipped with 7.5 inch front disc brakes. Mintex is the recommended performance supplier in the U.K., and these brake pads are to OEM specs.

                                              Brake Pads, Longman 10" Conversion
                                              Price: $59.95
                                              Item #: SBR0017 -

                                                A few older Mini racers are still running this Longman conversion, which consisted of 10" disks, apapters and Lockheeed racing calipers. Please fax or mail a tracing of your pad

                                                Brake Pads, Mintex, 998 Cooper
                                                Price: $25.95
                                                Item #: GBP0102 -

                                                  The 998 Cooper used the middle-sized pad of the 3 types used on disc brakes found on Minis with 10" wheels. These pads are identifiable by a 59mm pad width and 2 holes in each pad backing plate for retaining pins.

                                                  Brake Pin & Clip Set, 8.4" Solid Rotors
                                                  Price: $9.95
                                                  Item #: GBK1026 -

                                                    A convenient set of pins and retainer clips for all 8.4" solid rotor Minis using original two-piston calipers. One kit does both sides.

                                                    Brake Shoe Set, MG1100/Austin America
                                                    Price: $86.95
                                                    Item #: GBS0734 -

                                                      Now increasingly difficult to find, we have our UK suppliers searching high and low to keep your ADO16 on the road. Set of 4 high-quality rear brake shoes for all

                                                      Brake Shoes, 1.25"
                                                      Retail: $22.95
                                                      Sale: $18.97
                                                      7/11/2017 12:00:00 AM 23.9500
                                                      Item #: GBS0701E -

                                                        1.25" wide shoes for rear drums on all Minis. Also fits front of single leading shoe Minis. Standard friction material, bonded for longest life and no risk of rivet damage.

                                                        Brake Shoes, 1.5" Front
                                                        Price: $23.95
                                                        8/10/2017 12:00:00 AM 27.9500
                                                        Item #: GBS0733E -

                                                          Seven stocks genuine Unipart brake shoes for quality and long life. Safety and reliability for about the same price as "no-name" shoes elsewhere. 1.5" wide shoes for front of twin-leading

                                                          Brake Shoes, 1.5" Front, Mintex
                                                          Price: $28.95
                                                          Item #: GBS0733 -

                                                            1.5" wide brake shoes for front of classic Minis equipped with twin-leading shoe brakes. Made by well-known European manufacturer Mintex.

                                                            KAD Rear Disc Brake Pads
                                                            Price: $69.95
                                                            Item #: RDCP9347 -

                                                              Special pads for use with KAD rear disc brake conversion. Ferodo Platinum.

                                                              Steady Spring, Twin Leading Brake shoe
                                                              Price: $5.95
                                                              Item #: 27H3753 -

                                                                Used only on the 15/16" late twin leading shoe setup, these small springs steady the brake shoes to the wheel cylinder. Sold each, use 4. per car.