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Tech Tip: Oil To Avoid!

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Tech Tip

from Steve Maxwell
Seven’s head machinist and engine builder

Oil To Avoid!

The latest specification of oils is to be avoided in classic Mini applications. With the introduction of the current API SN oil, the amount of zinc additive has been reduced by half, and detergents which can increase wear in a flat tappet engine have been increased. Since the Mini’s engine shares its oil with the transmission, you should always stick with a traditional 20W-50 oil from a known manufacturer. If you don’t change your oil yourself, be very wary of taking a Mini to a quickie oil change specialist, as their oil may be to the latest specfication and therefore incompatible and potentially damaging to your Mini’s power unit. Change your oil at 3000 miles too, and ignore the suggestion that modern oils are good for longer life.

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