Seven's Guest Driver Program: Introducing Steve Cook

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Seven gears up for the 2015 classic Mini racing season

Seven Enterprises has been involved in motorsports since the company was formed in 1974, and for over 35 years we've sponsored the Fortech Mini, which has won five SCCA National Championships.

Today, we see racing both SCCA and vintage as the ultimate development platform. Racing is a way to test parts to their limit, and then determine what the best choice is for our many racing motor customers. Recently, more race cars have been sent to Seven to have their staff do major updates even complete restorations. The famous " Purple People Eater" underwent a complete restoration a few years ago, and after the 2014 Can Am Challenge, three race Minis were sent to Seven for a thorough mechanical servicing and power unit upgrade.

Seven also has a development vintage race car, nicknamed "Junior", that has been developed by myself and Seven's head machinist Steve Maxwell to compete in vintage racing. Since Doug Peterson, who had been our driver for many years, has decided to take a break from driving (I don’t want to say retired), we have been thinking of a good way to showcase our Mini at some of the best race venues on the West coast. This has led us to what we are calling the "Seven Guest Driver Program." I have always enjoyed having new drivers experience the thrill of Mini racing, and this program will give those drivers that chance. Some will have Mini experience, but maybe new to the venue; some have never raced a lap in a Mini. One thing we are looking for is that the driver have some front-wheel drive experience.

Our first guest driver is the perfect example of what we are looking for. Steve Cook was a SCCA National Champion in GT4, in a Honda CRX. He also drove Acuras in SCCA, so he is not a stranger to front-wheel drive. He has never raced a Mini, so we have the best of both worlds. It will be great to get his thoughts after the event. Steve’s race weekend will be at the prestigious SVRA Sonoma Classic, May 28-31. Currently Steve is racing in the FIA Historic F1 series in his March and recently was driving a small-block Mclaren Can Am car where he constantly beat the big-block, newer model Can Am cars.

I hope our many Mini racing fans will have the opportunity to see Steve drive the "Junior".

Our next Guest Driver will be Parker Johnstone at Portland International in September. Others include Andy Nelson and Nick Swift in future events.


Michael Kearney
co-owner, Seven Enterprises

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