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With thanks to Chris P. at the OMS for providing the information below; for more details please visit

"The Oregon Mini Society was formed in September 1990 as a means for Mini Owners in the Portland area to get together and share their common interest, the Austin and Morris Mini and the many variants that have been given the title "Mini". Way back when, there was a consortium of Mini Owners in the areas, called "The Loose Mini Owners", the name undoubtedly due to their view of the universe and The Meaning of Life in general. Its members still are with us, only in a little more updated form - they grew up and got adulterated.

"Our membership hovers around 95 members, not only in Oregon, but also such exotic places as Washington, California, Arizona, British Columbia and a couple honorary members in England. We have enjoyed attention by such prestigious periodicals as Mini World Magazine and Mini Magazine, not to mention a passing line in the Australian Geographic! We also correspond with a number of other Mini Clubs, here in the States, and a smattering from all over the globe.

"Some of our more durable members have been with us for ages; Jeff Doan was one of those "Loose" fellers, as well as Ward Barbour. Both have owned Minis forever, and barked their knuckles on many a exhaust header. Ward is an ol' coot, having worked for British Leyland way back when they had a presence here in town. And Ward is also a race-car driver, breaks his Mini every other month out on the track at Portland International Raceway, as well as beating the pants off a few other racers.

"And there are many other reputable members, these above paid to get mentioned, but if it sound like a bunch of people you want to be associated with, fill out that Membership Application, and let George Olson, our membership Director, talk you out of several year's payment!

"We have a monthly meeting every 2nd Sunday, a newsletter that comes out mostly every month, and a range of driving and social events every so often to get out in the world's most enjoyable car, The Mini!"

The Oregon Mini Society, host of:

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