"The Virginia Earthquake Story" from Michael A. (23 Aug 2011)

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Seven president Michael Abramson recounts his experience during the August 2011 earthquake in Virginia

"When it started, I thought the clothes washer had an imbalance in the load. Then I realized the only appliance running was the dish washer, which never makes a detectable vibration. So I knew right away it was an earthquake. I would say that it was over in 15-20 seconds here. I immediately called... (my wife)... to see if she felt it at work, which is a couple of miles from here, and of course she did too. I also called my friend in Newport News to confirm it was there too.

"One of my cats seemed to detect it. He jumped to near the window to look out. The other two were sleeping in a soft chair and seemed to wake up but did not really react.

"It was amazingly unsettling and I am 120+ miles from where it occurred. I can’t imagine what it is like to be right on top of one. The geology of the East Coast is that there is a big continuous layer of rock underneath to transmit the shock for hundreds of miles. No convenient fault lines like out West to provide barriers to the shock wave."

Michael Abramson
President, Seven Ent.

The Great 2011 Virgina Earthquake

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