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286 Scatter Pattern Camshaft, New Blank (SPVP3-BK)

  • 286 Scatter Pattern Camshaft, new blank
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286 Scatter Pattern Camshaft, New Blank (SPVP3-BK)

Product Description

David Vizard developed 286 scatter pattern cam ground on a new Kent blank. Wide lobe. 268/272 degrees duration. Cam lift .312"/.319". Use with 1.5 rockers and well-ported street head. RPM range 2200-7200. Sold outright - no core charge. Ground using new masters which are ground on a CNC grinder to design data. The masters used for this range of cams are designed with the same basic lift and duration figures as have been used, but have been made a lot smoother which lowers the peak jerk numbers due to smoother positive and acceleration numbers. The nose radius has also been increased because this is the area of highest stress. 

New cam blanks are rifle drilled then cross drilled to provide oil for each lobe. We recommend a drop of Loctite Hydraulic thread sealant on the threads of the plug upon installation.

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