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The 49 Fire - Auburn, CA - 30 Aug 09

On August 30, 2009, at approximately 2:22pm, a fire started in the North Auburn area that went on to destroy 340+ acres, over 60 homes, and 3 commercial buildings; many more homes and businesses were left severely damaged. We at Seven were fortunate in that while we were in the fire's path, it went above and below us on the hillside, leaving our building, at least, relatively untouched. This is just a small collection of photos of the damage in our immediate vicinity.

Fire direction overview The larger damaged area This is just up the hill from us About 100 feet or so behind our building Just down the hill from us A little bit further down the hill Just up the hill from us again Our neighbors - the fire went around the hill and behind them This was the tire store just down the street from us, since rebuilt You can see the burned/burning area just beyond these RVs... Melted truck