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Can-Am Mini Challenge 2009 - Gallery

Photo credit: Bob Bluhm Photo credit: Bob Bluhm Oops.

Photo credit: Bob Bluhm Photo credit: Bob Bluhm Photo credit: Bob Bluhm Doug Peterson in the Fortech Mini passing Joe Huffaker for the lead during Saturday's qualifying race. Peterson went on to win, and so was in the pole position for the feature race on Sunday. Photo credit: Bob Bluhm Checkered flag, Saturday.

Photo credit: Bob Bluhm Photo credit: Bob Bluhm Beginning of pace lap, Sunday Photo credit: Bob Bluhm Back stretch.

Photo credit: Bob Bluhm Peterson and Huffaker swapped places several times during the race on Sunday. Near the end of the race, Peterson's persistent pressure forced Huffaker into a rare mistake and ensuing spin (as shown in the two following photos). Peterson went on to win the race. Beginning of Huffaker's spin ... ... and the result. Bob Beauchemin, orange 31, Greg Wold, white 88, and Dyrk Bolger, multi-colored 35, fought hard just behind the leaders Peterson and Huffaker, and showed some very creative lines in turn 12. Beachemin finished 3rd, with Wold and Bolger in 4th and 5th. Doug Peterson, Bob Beauchemin, Charlie Pollet, Joe Huffaker Doug Peterson Bob Beauchemin Phil Wicks, Greg Wold Randy McConnell Joe Huffaker Phil Wicks and Kermit Wold (who is 7/8 scale) Doug Peterson (Driver) and Mike Kearney (Owner), 
Fortech Mini Charlie Pollet, Rachel Nelson, Mike Kearney Andy and Rachel Nelson Charlie Pollet Son Chris (6'4 P6260208 Andy's COOKIN'!!  (in the rain) False grid on Sunday Phil Wicks, Kermit and Greg Wold.  

Greg took First Place in the C2 class, Kermit was Second in C1